Secure Mail component

Rebex Secure Mail for .NET

Rebex Total Pack includes Rebex Secure Mail.

SMTP/SSL, IMAP/SSL, EWS, POP3/SSL, S/MIME - sending, receiving and processing emails from .NET applications with mail signing and encryption.

Rebex Secure Mail homepage

Rebex Secure Mail features

Easy-to-use API


Authentication modes

MIME and MailMessage

S/MIME - secure mail

SMTP - sending emails

SMTP - advanced operations

IMAP - message operations

IMAP - folder operations

IMAP - searching

IMAP - advanced features


EWS - sending e-mails

EWS - message operations

EWS - item operations

EWS - folder operations

EWS - searching

EWS - advanced features


Asynchronous operations

Communication logging

TLS/SSL core

X509 certificates

Proxies and custom sockets

SSIS, SQL CLR, PowerShell

Standards and platform support