Custom development and consulting services

Rebex offers software development and consulting services as a complement to our packaged products offering.

Typical scenarios

Product enhancements

If our current feature set is not sufficient for your requirements, we can modify existing functionality, add new features or create a custom build for you.

Feature backport

We can port a feature to a new platform or backport it to a platform which is no longer supported.


Rebex can help you with integration of Rebex components into your project.

Terms and conditions

Project size and price

Minimal project cost is $3,000. Unless a substantial licencing deal is involved we will not take smaller projects. Pricing depends on project scope and difficulty. Contact to get a quote.

Payment terms

We typically require 50% upfront payment. The balance is due when the project is successfully finished.

Agile approach

  • Incremental delivery and regular updates
    You will receive regular updates on the status of your project and where sensible private releases to ensure the features match your expectations before final release.
  • Direct access to the development team
    You will be closely engaged in the development and can change the requirements or accept the team’s suggestions.
  • Flexible specification
    The scope of work may change according to new requirements.

Intellectual property rights

Custom Development is a way to ensure that component is improved in the way that will fit perfectly into your requirements. The code is still owned by Rebex. As a general rule Rebex retains intellectual property rights for custom work. Any modifications of Rebex products are exclusive property of Rebex. Rebex has the right to commercialize any such modifications in any way it chooses.


Tech support

In many cases component modification is not required. Rebex offers different level of technical support including free email support. In many cases we can help you to overcame obstacles without a need to modify the component. Contact

Feature request

If you have an idea or suggestion how to improve Rebex component let us know. We cannot guarantee that every new feature will be implemented, but every suggesting will be considered. In fact our development is to a great extent driven by a useful feedback and suggestions from our users.