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Getting started in 60 seconds

  1. Download and unpack the ZIP package.
  2. Run RebexTinySftpServer.exe
  3. Press Start button to begin serving files via SFTP.

Optional: Edit the configuration.

Free, minimalist SFTP server for Windows

  • Simple server for file sharing using SFTP protocol.
  • Free to use, even for commercial purposes.
  • Detailed activity log.
  • Single user with read/write access.
  • Password and/or public/private key authentication.
  • Runs on any Windows OS with .NET 4.0 such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and others.
  • RSA and DSA key support.
  • No setup needed. Just unpack the ZIP file and run.
  • Source code on GitHub.

What is it best for?

Local SFTP client application development and testing

Need to test your app now? Not willing to wait days or weeks for your tech-support department to install a testing SFTP server?

Don't want to spend hours learning how to configure a full-features SFTP server yourself?

Get Tiny SFTP server and start developing in minutes.

Quick & dirty file sharing

Unpack the exe, copy files to the data folder, run it. No installation. Now you can securely connect from another computer in your local network to download data.


Not for use with real passwords

This server stores password in clear-text configuration file. The password is even displayed on the server main form. If your scenario requires a higher degree of security and you have enough time to go through choosing, obtaining, learning, configuring and securing a full-featured SFTP server, go for it.


Use the full-featured SFTP server. We suggest our Buru SFTP Server that is based on the same engine as Tiny SFTP Server.

Just need to test that your SFTP client works

If you only need to test that your client application can connect to an SFTP server and download files you don't need to run any server.

Solution: use free online SFTP server

Just connect to our public SFTP server running at Use demo as username and password as password.

Overcome limitations: Use Buru SFTP Server

Tiny Server too limited? Try Buru SFTP Server!

  • Unlimited users
  • Supports wide range of SSH ciphers
  • No installation required - just unpack and run
  • Can run as a Windows service
  • Web administration
  • SSH Shell for running commands on remote machine
  • Same core as Tiny SFTP server
  • Download Buru SFTP Server from Rebex.NET


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