Free, minimalist SFTP server for Windows

Getting started in 60 seconds

  1. Download and unpack the ZIP package.
  2. Run RebexTinySftpServer.exe
  3. Press Start button to begin serving files via SFTP.
  4. Edit the configuration (optional).


Main features

  • Simple server for file sharing using SFTP protocol.
  • Free to use, even for commercial purposes.
  • Single user with read/write access.
  • Password and/or public/private key authentication.
  • Runs on any Windows OS with .NET 4.0 such as Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, 11 and others.
  • RSA and DSA key support.

What is it best for?

  • Local SFTP client application development and testing
  • Quick & dirty file sharing


Not for use with real passwords

This server stores password in clear-text configuration file. The password is even displayed on the server main form. If your scenario requires a higher degree of security use the full-featured SFTP server such as Buru SFTP.

Compare Tiny SFTP and Buru SFTP Server

Tiny SFTP Server

Buru SFTP Server

Download Tiny SFTP Server Download Buru SFTP Server
Non-profit use Free Free
Commercial use Free from $299
SFTP protocol
SSH protocol
Runs as Windows application
Runs as Windows service
Number of users 1 Unlimited
Number of mapped folders 1 Unlimited
Password storage Password in clear-text config file Securely stored password hash
Windows authentication
Administration Config file
Desktop application
Config file
Web application
Command line