Licensing FAQ - .NET components

This FAQ relates to Rebex components only. For Buru SFTP Server see Buru SFTP Server FAQ page.

How many licenses do I need?

Rebex Components are licensed on a per-developer basis. This means you have to obtain a valid license for each developer who accesses Rebex components for development purposes.

Examples of activities for which you need a license:

  • Writing code which calls Rebex API
  • Calling Rebex API via one or more proxy or wrapper layers
  • Building or compiling project which depends on Rebex assemblies
  • Writing unit tests for code which depends on Rebex assemblies

Do I need a license for testers?

No, if they are only using your completed and compiled application (basically in the same way as your end users).

Yes, if the testers are also acting as developers. For example, if they are compiling applications.

Do I need a license for our automated buildserver?

No. Only developers need a license. License is not needed for continuous integration tools (such as TeamCity, Bamboo, Jenkins or CCNet), as long as all developers are properly licensed.

Can I use the component on multiple machines?

Licensed developers can use the component on any number of machines as long as they are the only persons who access the component.

Can I transfer the license to another developer?

Yes, you can reassign the license to another developer in case that the original developer is no longer working for you or has been assigned to a new role where access to the component is no longer required.

If I purchase a single component pack license, can I split its individual parts between several developers?

No. That component pack is still licensed to a specific number of developers and only those developers can develop software using all individual components in the pack.

Can I repackage your component and distribute it as a competing library?

As you can imagine, the answer is no. This applies to both commercial and free libraries.

Can I redistribute your components with my product?

In most cases that's OK (of course), but there is one exception. You cannot use Rebex components in a product which directly or indirectly competes with Rebex components.

Rule of thumb: If your users are developers of any kind and you enable them to create code which calls Rebex component via some kind of proxy layer, then the answer is: No, it's not allowed.

Examples of ALLOWED products:

  • Office Add-in which enables end users to load and save documents stored on SFTP server.
  • SFTP client for Android.
  • Webmail which connects via IMAP to mail server.
  • Mail processing application which searches for emails from suppliers and updates product database.
  • Gmail-to-Office 365 migration tool.

Examples of products NOT ALLOWED with standard EULA:

  • Office Add-in with an API which enables developers to load and save documents stored on SFTP server.
  • SFTP .NET component repackaged as an SSIS component or task.
  • A COM wrapper around Rebex component which provides access to a part of Rebex component API.
  • PowerShell wrapper around Rebex component.
  • Library for other platforms which uses Rebex component as a core.

See EULA for details. If in doubt, please contact us.

Do you plan to use the Rebex component in scenario that is not allowed by a standard EULA? Contact us for custom licensing terms and conditions.

Can I redistribute Rebex library with my own library?

No. Each developer who is using the Rebex library must have a license - even if he/she uses it via a third party library.

Do we have to pay for each copy of our software we ship that includes your component?

No. The component is licensed per-developer, not per user. Once you have purchased a license for each of your developers, you can redistribute the component DLLs with your application royalty free and to any number of end users and to any number of computers.

Is your product royalty free?


What is support contract good for?

Support Contract includes:

  • Every new version of the licensed component both major and minor.
  • Every new component released (if you have a Rebex Total Pack license).
  • Email questions answered within one business day.
  • Phone support upon request.

Support Contract for the first year is included in every license of the Rebex component.

Can I use my component when the support contract expires?

Yes! (of course).

The license is perpetual. See page about Support Contracts for details.

What are Trial license limitations?

  • Trial license is valid for 30 days. It's called "evaluation period".
  • When evaluation period is over you must stop using the trial license and uninstall the trial version.
  • You cannot redistribute trial DLLs.