How to order and get the product

Check Components licensing FAQ or Buru licensing FAQ for determining the required license count.

Ordering and payment

  • Credit card or PayPal online (USD)

    This is the fastest and easiest way and works in every day including weekends and holidays.

  • PO/Invoice + wire transfer (USD/EUR/CZK)

    Send us email with your requests or purchase order (PO) including:

    • Your company billing info.
    • Product(s) and its license count.
    • Your European VAT ID (if you have one).

    Delivery instructions will be sent to your e-mail address just after the confirmation from your accounting dept., that our invoice is acceptable (see sample invoice).

Setting up the License administrator

Order owner
  • is the person who did the purchase,
  • may be an external subject (reseller),
  • has no access to the purchased product,
    his/her goal is to set up the license administrator.
License administrator
For freelancers or small companies, the Order owner and the License administrator can be the same user.
  • Set up the License administrator on web pages

    • Log in to using Order owner's e-mail.
    • Fill the license administrator's e-mail there (or claim the yourself are the administrator).
  • OR send serial number to the responsible person

    ...and let her/him choose register the License administrator’s email.

    The serial number is sent to dealers by e-mail or can be found after logging in to as an Order owner.

Please use generic e-mail addresses for License administrators, for example

We also suggest to subscribe the new versions newsletter for .NET libraries or Buru SFTP Server.

Delivery – components

  • Assigning licenses to developers

    License administrator can assign licenses to individual users after logging in to
    License administrator themselves do not have direct access to the software by default, but can become one of the licensed users.

    Our components are licensed per-developer (see EULA) and so use only personal e-mails for licensed users, for example

  • Start using the software

    Licensed users follow instructions sent by email, log in to and access the purchased software
    (download the unlocked libraries of put your license key to the libraries obtained from

    You can use every new version, both minor and major released during your Support Contracts' validity.

Delivery – Buru SFTP Server

Buru SFTP Server Pro is always distributed as a 30-days trial package.
License administrator can activate it for permanent use with a license key found after logging in to

If you have your Buru web administration tool running, simply log in, click in the bottom-left corner (license info) and paste the license there.
If not, replace config/license.key in your Buru server folder with the new license (and restart the services).

You can use every new version, both minor and major which is released during your Support Contracts' validity.
Always download the trial version of Buru SFTP Server Pro and use your license key as described above.