Rebex Buru
SFTP Server
for Windows

A reliable and secure SFTP and SSH server for Windows. Free for non-commercial use. Unlimited users. Unlimited connections. Virtual path mappings. Password and public key authentication. Web-based administration. Command line interface.

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Top features

Transfer files securely

Transfer files securely

Easily set up the SFTP on Desktop or Server Windows. Using standard SFTP protocol makes it easy to exchange files with machines running different operating systems such as Windows, Linux or macOS.

Stay safe: use modern encryption algorithms

Stay safe: use modern encryption algorithms

Buru SFTP server supports all major moderm ciphers to make data transfer secure and reliable. Legacy algorithms supported as well.

Manage the server from anywhere

Manage the server from anywhere

Use the web admin application to manage the Buru Server. Or connect via SSH and run Windows command line applications remotely.

Free for personal use

Free for personal use

The server is completely free for personal, academy and other non-commercial use.

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Main features

Free edition

Free edition

Completely free for personal, academy and other non-commercial use.

Buru SFTP server for Windows

SFTP server for Windows

Easily transfer files to Windows machines using any standard SFTP client. Impersonation is supported so the user acesses files under permissions defined in Windows.

Buru SHH server for Windows

SSH server for Windows

Connect to your Windows machine using standard SSH client. Execute remote commands. Use cmd.exe, PowerShell or any other shell.

Modern and secure encryption algorithms

Modern and secure encryption

Supports all major modern security algorithms including RSA, ECDSA, Ed25519, ECDH, ChaCha20/Poly1305, AES/GCM, AES/CTR, SHA-2 and more.

Active Directory integration

Active Directory integration

Use Windows credentials for user authentication. Both local accounts and AD accounts are supported. Users without Windows credentials are authenticated using internal database.

Web administration

Web administration

Web Administration makes server configuration, user management or log viewing accessible from your browser. See demo.

Runs on any modern Windows

Runs on any modern Windows

  • Desktop: Windows 7 SP1, 8.1 Windows 10, Windows 11
  • Server: Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, 2022
  • Architecture: x86 and x64
  • See all platforms


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  • SFTP server
  • 1 user
  • Free for all

Buru SFTP Server

  • SFTP server
  • SSH server
  • Unlimited users
  • Non-commercial use

Buru SFTP Server

  • SFTP server
  • SSH server
  • Unlimited users
  • Commercial use
  • Windows Active Directory integration
free for all
for non-profit
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Concurrent sessions
SFTP Server
Max virtual folders
Maximum number of top-level directories accessible via SFTP.
Max SFTP Users
Maximum number of users with access to the SFTP subsystem.
Public key authentication
Password authentication
Human-readable config files
Buru SFTP uses YAML format which is readable by both humans and machines.
Non-windows users
Users with credentials stored in the internal database.
Run as standalone application
Runs as a plain (non-service) application.
Run as Windows service
Virtual path mappings
Brute-force attack protection
IP-based access
Windows users
Users with local Windows account on the servers.
Active Directory users
Users with Active Directory account.
SFTP user impersonation
Users access the filesystem under his Windows account credentials.
Web admin customization

User reviews

reliable easy SFTP server

we are a 3 person IT department supporting 400+ people around the world. when we started data transfers with banking partners, we needed a secure means of transferring data. after evaluating several products based on internet reviews and suggestions, we settled on buru and were very happy with our choice. installation, operation, configuration, and upgrades are quick, easy, and painless. would HIGHLY recommend it.

Chuck M., Software architect
Very nice sftp server

It's basic and easy and does what it's suppose to do, well! It's by far the best, straight forward sftp server I've found. I like that this runs as a system service and I like being able to whitelist ip's.

Jason C, Software developer
15 minut setup

It works and you forget its running, The best kind of software.

Easy to use and setup. Highly recommend. Most features are in the admin panel which makes for an easy setup.

Anil S. CTO

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