User authentication

Password authentication

Login using username and password.

Warning: The password is stored in clear-text file. The username and password is also displayed in the server main form.

Configuration values:

Key authentication

Login using private and public keys. Both RSA and DSA keys are supported. Private key is stored on client computer. Public key is stored in Tiny SFTP server machine.

Public/private key pair can be generated using PuttyGen (part of Putty SSH Client) or ssh-keygen (part of OpenSSH client). See How to generate SSH Key in Windows 10 for details.

Supported public/private key formats:

  • Raw SSH2
  • Base-64-encoded SSH2

Configuration values:

Tiny Server limitations

Tiny SFTP server is very simple and primarily intended for testing. This is why it’s user management and authentication features are also quite limited. Following list includes example of features that are out-of-scope of the Tiny server:

  • Multiple users
  • Windows authentication
  • User impersonation
  • Single sign-on
  • Per-user access rights
  • Secure password storage (Tiny Server stores the password in clear text file).

To overcome those limits a full-featured SFTP server is needed. One example is a Buru SFTP Server, which is build on the same foundation as Tiny SFTP Server.

See Tiny SFTP and Buru SFTP comparison.