Rebex SFTP

SFTP and SCP client .NET library

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See also platforms and standards the SFTP component is compliant with.

XCOPY deployment 

When distributing an application using Rebex SFTP library, simply copy the following DLL files (.NET assemblies) with your application:

  • Rebex.Common.dll
  • Rebex.Networking.dll
  • Rebex.Sftp.dll

There is no need to install, configure or distribute anything else to make them work.

Rebex SFTP license is royalty-free - you can distribute your application to unlimited number of users or computers without any additional fees.

Supported SFTP/SSH servers 

Rebex SFTP component works with all SFTP servers that implement SFTP v3 or v4 and SSH v2.

Recommended and tested SFTP servers:

Also works with:

  • GlobalScape Security Server
  • WeOnlyDo wodSFTP
  • CoreFTP Server
  • Axway Synchrony Gateway (XFB.Gateway)
  • all standard-compliant SFTP servers

Workarounds for common server issues 

Workarounds for some server issues are not enabled by default because detecting them automatically would be troublesome. They can be enabled by setting the following properties of Sftp.Settings to true:

Property Purpose
DisableSftp4 Disable SFTP v4 and only use v3.
Workaround for some broken SFTP servers that report 'Unsupported operation' error.
DisableTransferQueue Disable queuing of read and write requests.
Workaround for SFTP servers that don't handle the request queue properly.
UseSmallPackets Use small data packets (4KB each) during upload and never split them.
WaitForServerWelcomeMessage Wait for server SSH protocol welcome message before sending a client message.
Workaround for servers that improperly discard client messages preceding the server welcome message, causing a 'Timeout exceeded while waiting for welcome message' error while initiating the SSH session.
TreatUnknownItemsAsFiles When getting directory content, each item should have an information about its type (file / directory / symlink etc.). Some SFTP server does not provide this information at all and the GetItems methods throws an exception '{itemname} is not a file or directory'.
To suppress this exception and to force the component to treat all such items as files, set the TreatUnknownItemsAsFiles setting to true.

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