Rebex ZIP

ZIP and GZIP compression .NET library

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See also platforms and standards the Rebex ZIP library is compliant with.

XCOPY deployment 

When distributing an application using Rebex ZIP library, simply copy the following DLL files (.NET assemblies) with your application:

  • Rebex.Common.dll
  • Rebex.Zip.dll

There is no need to install, configure or distribute anything else to make them work.

Rebex ZIP license is royalty-free - you can distribute your application to unlimited number of users or computers without any additional fees.

Workarounds for common issues 

Various ZIP writers and readers can be slightly incompatible. For those situations you can modify behavior of ZipArchive class by setting appropriate option using the ZipArchive.Options property:

Property Purpose
PasswordEncoding Enables you to specify encoding for deriving bytes from a password string. Default is Windows-1252.
UnsupportedFeatureExtractMode Enables you to automatically skip files with unsupported features (such as unsupported encryption algorithm or item type) when extracting.
RestoreDateTime Determines whether the date and times are restored when files are extracted.
RestoreFileAttributes Determines whether the file attributes are restored when files are extracted.
ChecksumVerificationMode Determines whether CRC check is performed after a file is added into ZIP archive. This will ensures that the ZIP file was created correctly on the underlying device. Due to performance reasons, CRC check is performed only when extracting files.

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