Rebex SSH Shell

SSH shell, tunneling, telnet, ANSI terminal emulation library for .NET

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SSIS, SQL CLR, PowerShell

As a collection of .NET assemblies, Rebex Terminal Emulation can be called from various platforms that support .NET technology. Of course, be aware that in some cases, TerminalControl might not be usable. Use headless object such as VirtualTerminal and Scripting instead.

Using Terminal Emulation in SSIS packages 

In the SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages you can call Rebex SSH methods using an SSIS Script Task.

Using Terminal Emulation in SQL CLR 

Rebex Terminal Emulation library can be called from Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL code using so-called "SQL CLR procedures". For step-by-step instructions, please see the blog post about registering and using Rebex libraries from an SQL-CLR procedure.

Using Terminal Emulation in PowerShell 

Calling Rebex Terminal Emulation from a PowerShell script is straightforward. Rebex assemblies can be stored in a file system or in Global Assembly Cache (GAC).

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