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Some Rebex SFTP users have been kind enough to share their praise of our SFTP component with us -- now, we'd like to share it with you.

One of top 10 new features of Expression Web 3 was the ability to publish a website using FTPS (FTP/SSL) or SFTP.

Rebex is proud that it has contributed to this feature by licensing Rebex FTP/SSL and Rebex SFTP components to Microsoft.

These Rebex components are currently used in the following Microsoft applications:

  • Microsoft Expression Web 3 and 4
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017

I have worked closely with the very responsive development staff at Rebex.

I am pleased to say that their SFTP product is by far the fastest on the market. I have tested several others and especially for large file transfers the Rebex SFTP outperforms all others. I would highly recommend using this code base for any projects where file transfer security and speed matter.

Ken Leach, CTO, Hybrid Intelligence
Just wanted to say thanks! I've got a project that needed SFTP services. I was up and running in under 15 minutes after purchasing the SFTP kit. We've been a long time user of your FTP / SMTP services. Please keep up the good work.
Ben Cramer, Dealer Solutions
I will definitely teach your products to my students. Your interface to SSL and SFTP is by far and away the most straightforward implementation!

Recently our network audit and documentation product XIA Configuration had a requirement to support the audit of remote Unix and Linux based systems.

SFTP would be essential for this functionality and we began the evaluation of several .NET SFTP controls on the market.

It quickly became apparently that the Rebex SFTP had several advantages including a very well thought out API model, detailed documentation and superb technical support. An example of which was our requirement to transfer remote files over SFTP directly into memory without leaving a footprint on the disk of the client machine. This functionality was available and documented out of the box.

During development we came across another requirement to execute commands on remote Unix servers and found we could use the existing SFTP components to perform this task in a very efficient way without the need to purchase or implement a separate SSH component.

I would highly recommend Rebex components to anyone needing to implement SSH / SFTP capabilities in their .NET products.

Our web site shows the Rebex components in use in our products

David Homer, CENTREL Solutions Ltd