David Eagles

CTO, iVolve
I recently purchased your Secure Server pack so I could integrate SFTP server functionality into a cross-platform remote support package we use to support our customers, and so far have found it to be an excellent solution with an easy to use API and great cross-platform support - great work!
In a matter of hours, I was able to implement a complete and working terminal client based on the Rebex.NET library. The price/performance ratio as well as the support quality and response time is exceptionally good.

Comprehensive FTP Library Is User Friendly.

What I liked best about Rebex FTP was its concise, easy-to-use API.

David Nelson

Thanks man - this library actually works! amazing, :-) worth every penny.

Justin Heasman


After evaluating many FTP libraries for the Compact Framework and being very disappointed we were contemplating writing our own FTP library, but then we came across Rebex FTP for .NET.

I am glad we decided to give it a try because it proved to be very stable in the tests where others had failed. We have now been running for a couple of months with no problems. Thank you Rebex!!!



Writing an FTP component is not a simple exercise.

So, the 'simple' solution is to buy an FTP component.

I bought Rebex FTP for .NET. It is wonderfully simple to use. Download the trial version and see if it provides the functionality you need.

Peter Morris

PC Review

I went for Rebex and I would *highly* recommend it!

I had some trouble connecting to an FTP, someone at Rebex helped me to sort it out even though it was not a problem with their components.

Someone has spent a lot of time reading logs to help me to determine the problem, provide URLs to help to fix them, inspecting code, etc. The support has been better than anything I have ever experienced!

Simon Hughes

It took me 10 minutes to plug it into our C# application and voila, passive FTP connections, excellent communication and error codes / messages when things don't connect properly via our VPN. This FTP library is excellent. I can highly recommend it.

Sean Corcoran

Managing Partner, CIT Networks, LLC

I wanted to take a moment to tell you all what a fine job you have done with your Secure FTP .NET product.

I have been working on developing a custom application (VB.Net service in Visual Studio 2005) which required a Secure FTP client component. I have been through 4 different .NET and COM add-ins that did not work through all phases of my development.

I fought with these other products for almost a week. Once I found your product I went from download to testing my finished service in my production environment in less than 2 hours. Your samples were straightforward and I did not run into any quirks or issues during my development process.

Excellent Job!

Shawn A. Prestridge

I will definitely teach your products to my students. Your interface to SSL and SFTP is by far and away the most straightforward implementation!
I use Rebex FTP for .NET - not free but a great little FTP library.

Kevin Fairchild

We ended up going to with Rebex after trying both it and Secure Blackbox. Rebex seemed the best for our needs.

I needed a highly optimized full implementation of FTP for my .NET application and had limited time to put this feature in to our code base. After evaluating several products the clear winner was Rebex. I'm delighted with the performance and how easy it was to implement thanks to the clear and concise examples provided.

If you need security they have it along with top-notch technical support. These past several years using Rebex has gained our confidence and proven them to be a highly reliable partner.

Stefan Schultze

CTO, MailStore Software
With Rebex IMAP library the number of support calls regarding IMAP protocol problems decreased to almost zero. We are very happy with Rebex Secure Mail and can warmly recommend it to anybody.

Dominic St-Jacques

Amilia Corporation Inc.
I decided to give Rebex.Mail a try and I was very satisfied with the results! Not only is the standard fully and properly respected, it's also significantly faster. It only took half a day to migrate my existing code as the API is very similar to .NET's built-in classes.



My team has been using Rebex Secure Mail for .NET for two years and it is really solid. Our service (http://nutshellmail.com/) pulls down millions of POP3 and IMAP messages across all major ISPs on a daily basis. Rebex successfully parses the headers of all these messages. We also use Rebex for our outbound SMTP needs.

We have hit some obscure problems in the past (i.e. GoDaddy's POP3 servers not fully complying with RFC1939); Rebex support was extremely responsive and quickly provided us with a patch.

Yoni Douek

slimail.com's development chief

Our service, powered by Rebex - handles thousands of emails / day. It is fast, the object model is very simple yet very very poweful, but the best part is Rebex's support team. Problems are solved within a day(!) and you receive "hotfixes" as needed.

I give rebex 11/10 and entitles it as "The #1 .NET MIME component out there"."

Civan Ozseyhan

Business Developer, EBI A.S., Ideefixe.com

We've tried many IMAP components and we can simply say that REBEX Mail for .NET component is the best among the ones available on the market.

REBEX .NET component outperforms the others by the means of performance, when a high-volume traffic is expected on the system. The REBEX component uses the system resources at the minimal level, so it can handle thousends of concurrent connections without a problem. For our large-scale web business, this feauture of the product was very essential.

J. Dean E.P. Hemopo

Man this is awesome. This product rocks man. Great price too. Its 2am here, I have been looking for the right stuff for ages, thanks again, I will sleep well that this all works.

We have used Rebex Secure Mail for .NET since 2015, and we are very pleased with it. It is fast, stable, and easy to use. Rebex' support is awesome. Whenever we have a question or problem, they respond very quickly and communicate clearly. We had an issue with some messages that contained invalid metadata. Rebex was able to diagnose the problem and implement a workaround in one day! It is great to work with a vendor who works so hard to keep their customers happy.

Ken Leach

CTO, Hybrid Intelligence

I have worked closely with the very responsive development staff at Rebex.

I am pleased to say that Rebex SFTP product is by far the fastest on the market. I have tested several others and especially for large file transfers the Rebex SFTP outperforms all others. I would highly recommend using this code base for any projects where file transfer security and speed matter.

David Homer

Centrel Solutions Ltd
Rebex SFTP had several advantages including a very well thought out API model, detailed documentation and superb technical support.

Ben Cramer

Dealer Solutions
Just wanted to say thanks! I've got a project that needed SFTP services. I was up and running in under 15 minutes after purchasing the SFTP kit. We've been a long time user of your FTP/SMTP services. Please keep up the good work.

M. Richards

Software Engineering Consultant, L.A. California

I needed to get a quick project out the door using a Telnet Client connecting to a legacy customer telnet server device. I decided to try REBEX tools which had everything I needed including a virtual shell, Telnet abstraction layer, and built-in Regular Expressions parser, all in one package.

The guys at Rebex were lighting fast in answering all my questions, and even before I purchased the tool , they supported me in my integration.

Alexander Geleijns

While looking for a Terminal Emulation control to create our own terminal client. We found the control from Rebex witch was great in the basics only didn't support Pick as an emulation type. After emailing about this they created the needed emulation support for Pick. Great job guy's!!!

Michael Biggins


I purchased a licence earlier today, your library is absolutely perfect for my needs and I only wish I'd picked it up earlier!

Your product saved me a lot of time and work.

I liked that it wasn't too difficult to implement custom authentication and file system providers. The means for doing this for the former felt a little weird though, normally I'd expect to have something like an IAuthentication interface that I'd implement and register rather than handling an event. But regardless it was painless to get working within a day and replace the FTP library I was previously using that was held together with string. The fact that it works flawlessly on Mono is a big plus too.

Gary Tuttle

SK Global Software

Easy to use, accurate instructions, and outstanding support. I really do appreciate that this part of my project is never and issue.

I must say, your support is outstanding. You explain everything intelligently and clearly. I can't tell you how important that is and how much I appreciate it. And your software is great. I love Rebex. :-)

We use the complete package here ("Total Pack") and are completely satisfied: The tool collection offers everything we need in terms of network and server components. Another positive aspect is the regular updates.

Lukas Stauffenberg

IT Application Manager, Draeger
Looking for a tool for our database, which increases the TLS protocol of the internal communication to 1.2, I found the Rebex product. After a short configuration the software was ready to use, in addition to that a new feature "sni-specific" was provided for me. A great tool and very good support behind it.
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I've used the Rebex components in my SQL Server .net stored procedures for many years. Especially for SFTP and FTPS access and the file unzip component. The handling is so easy and a breeze based on the code examples provided by Rebex.

When we recently needed support for a new FTPS server with TLS 1.2, I simply downloaded the current version of the component, extended the code accordingly, and support for TLS 1.2 was already integrated.

I've never had any problems that I couldn't solve and I had never any incidents with bugs in all these years.

I am therefore fully satisfied and can only recommend the Rebex- components!