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Some Rebex Secure Mail users have been kind enough to share their praise of our Secure Mail component with us -- now, we'd like to share it with you.

When we started developing IMAP support for our MailStore e-mail archiving software back in 2006, we looked into several 3rd party libraries on the market, but no one actually fitted our needs.

Some were not available in the source code form (which was a must-requirement for us), some were really bad designed, some didn't support all the IMAP features we needed, and virtually all of them failed when used with lesser known IMAP servers (such as KEN from AVM which is quite popular, but only in Germany).

So we started writing an IMAP client ourselves, which was a real pain because you have to deal with all kinds of bugs in several IMAP server implementations. Also, things got nasty over time because of the increasing feature set that our software required, i.e. TLS support, S/MIME and connection logging. So we had a look again and finally found Rebex Secure Mail which fitted all of our needs.

Source code was available in an extremely high quality, all required features were already there, and it worked amazingly well with IMAP servers in the wild. We worked together with the excellent Rebex support to integrate some workarounds for some really strange server implementations, and since then the number of support calls regarding IMAP protocol problems decreased to almost zero.

We are very happy with Rebex Secure Mail and can warmly recommend it to anybody.

Stefan Schultze, CTO, MailStore Software GmbH

As a SaaS business working with online payments and registrations, transactional email delivery is a crucial part of our organization. Prior to using Rebex.Mail, we had used other .NET 2.0 components, including .NET's System.Net.Mail classes, for some time. Using those, we had problems where legitimate emails were being flagged as spam. It turned out those components did not correctly implement the RFC 2047 standards when dealing with accentuated characters . This resulted in a higher spam score and there was nothing I could do about it! Having many non-English customers, we had to find a solution!

I decided to give Rebex.Mail a try and I was very satisfied with the results! Not only is the standard fully and properly respected, it's also significantly faster. It only took half a day to migrate my existing code as the API is very similar to .NET's built-in classes. Now, our transactional HTML emails are better received and I can turn my mind to solving problems I created... ;-)

My team has been using Rebex Secure Mail for .NET for two years and it is really solid. Our service ( pulls down millions of POP3 and IMAP messages across all major ISPs on a daily basis. Rebex successfully parses the headers of all these messages. We also use Rebex for our outbound SMTP needs.

We have hit some obscure problems in the past (i.e. GoDaddy's POP3 servers not fully complying with RFC1939); Rebex support was extremely responsive and quickly provided us with a patch.

Been using CDO for a long time; After searching for a pure .NET component, I tested MANY MANY commercial components. Rebex is the one for you. It handles "real" life e-mails and not the ones complaint with the RFCs, an "outlook-like" behaviour.

Our service, powered by Rebex - handles thousands of emails / day. It is fast, the object model is very simple yet very very poweful, but the best part is Rebex's support team. Problems are solved within a day(!) and you receive "hotfixes" as needed. The components get better and better as developers are in direct contact with Rebex development team.

I give rebex 11/10 and entitles it as "The #1 .NET MIME component out there".

We've tried many IMAP components and we can simply say that REBEX Mail for .NET component is the best among the ones available on the market.

REBEX .NET component outperforms the others by the means of performance, when a high-volume traffic is expected on the system. The REBEX component uses the system resources at the minimal level, so it can handle thousends of concurrent connections without a problem. For our large-scale web business, this feauture of the product was very essential.

We have used Rebex Secure Mail for .NET since 2015, and we are very pleased with it. It is fast, stable, and easy to use. Rebex’ support is awesome. Whenever we have a question or problem, they respond very quickly and communicate clearly. We had an issue with some messages that contained invalid metadata. Rebex was able to diagnose the problem and implement a workaround in one day! It is great to work with a vendor who works so hard to keep their customers happy.

Brad Clements, Chief Software Architect, NetDocuments