Rebex MSG

Outlook MSG file format library for .NET

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Release notes for Rebex MSG for .NET


R5.5 #

(build 7900 from 2021-08-17)

New binaries for .NET Core 3.1

We added a new set of binaries targeting .NET Core 3.1. We have already been supporting that platform since 2019 via .NET Standard 2.1. However, the new set of binaries utilizes .NET Core's hardware intrinsics API and features our fast ChaCha20/Poly1305 implementation that has been previously only available on .NET 5.0.

For an overview of available binaries and supported platforms, check out Rebex Support Lifecycle KB article.

Detailed list of changes:

  • All: Added 'netcoreapp3.1' binaries.

R5.4 #

(build 7888 from 2021-08-05)

New component: Rebex MSG

Rebex MSG is .NET library for reading, processing and writing Microsoft Outlook .MSG e-mail message files. Unlike existing MIME classes from Rebex.Mail namespace, MsgMessage and related classes work directly with MSG file format.

The new library is available as a standalone package or as a part of Rebex Total Pack.

Detailed list of changes:

  • Mail: Improved MSG reader to read 'subject' from PidTagConversationTopic MAPI property when needed.
  • Cryptography: Fixed Certificate.FriendlyName setter in .NET 5.0 on non-Windows platforms.