INFO: Updates and fixes in Rebex components R6.15

This page documents the updates and fixes in version R6.15 of Rebex libraries. These were backported from 7.0.8657 and later versions. Version history for previous releases can be found in the release notes for R6.14 and earlier.

Version R6.x will be supported until November 2024.


R6.16 #

List of changes in version 6.0.8930 from 2024-06-12:

  • SCP: Added workaround for SCP in Cisco SSH server that interprets target directory as file name.
  • SCP: Fixed handling of paths starting with "~/".
  • ZIP: Fixed broken checksum calculation in ReadByte() of streams returned by ZipItem.Open() and ZipReader.GetStream() methods.
  • TLS Core: Fixed potential repeated clean-up of TLS 1.3 extensions that might cause strange exceptions in the following TLS connection.
  • Cryptography: Fixed calculation of subject key identifier in CertificateIssuer.
  • Cryptography: Fixed rare wrong final calculation of Poly1305 hash when temporary storage for remaining data is bigger than input block size.

R6.15 #

List of changes in version 6.0.8814 from 2024-02-17:

  • SFTP: Fixed 'not authenticated' instead of 'not connected' error message.
  • SFTP: Added workaround for FileZilla Server Pro Enterprise which crashes its SSH session if it receives SFTP read request for 65493 bytes or more.
  • FTP: Fixed handling of small port ranges in active mode.
  • SSH: Added support for strict key exchange extension (thwarts the so-called 'Terrapin attack').
  • SSH: Using lower local SSH channel numbers for better log readability.
  • SSH: Improved SSH session and channel lifecycle logging.
  • MIME: Added a workaround for broken messages with unescaped slash in a MIME parameter.
  • Mail: Fixed parsing of file names of UUEncoded attachments to properly handle whitespaces and other strange characters.
  • Terminal: Fixed possible 'Object is currently in use elsewhere' error when multiple instances of TerminalControl are used.
  • SSH Shell: Fixed an issue that could cause a tunnel to stop processing data after an SSH renegotiation.
  • TLS: For TLS 1.3, TlsClientSocket.Session returns a session represented by the last received PSK ticket.
  • TLS Core: Fixed possible deadlock when incomplete packet received after close_notify in TLS <=1.2.
  • TLS Core: Fixed invalid TLS 1.3 behavior for rare Poll/Receive call sequence on TlsSocket.
  • File Server: Fixed handling of client's SSH_MSG_EXT_INFO.
  • File System: Fixed unexpected exception propagation in directory creation.
  • HTTP: Fixed handling of unexpected response stream closure when keep-alive expected.
  • Time: Fixed occurence of unobserved tasks when timing out on recent versions of .NET.
  • Networking: Fixed handling of IPv6 addresses in square brackets.