See also platforms and standards the Rebex HTTPS component is compliant with.

XCOPY deployment #

When distributing an application using Rebex HTTPS library, simply copy the following DLL files (.NET assemblies) with your application:

  • Rebex.Common.dll
  • Rebex.Networking.dll
  • Rebex.Http.dll

There is no need to install, configure or distribute anything else to make them work.

Rebex HTTPS license is royalty-free - you can distribute your application to unlimited number of users or computers without any additional fees.

Workarounds for common server issues #

Workarounds for some server issues are not enabled by default because detecting them automatically would be troublesome. They can be enabled by setting the following properties of WebClient.Settings or HttpRequestCreator.Settings to true:

Property Purpose
SslDoNotInsertEmptyFragment Do not send empty record after successful handshake with CBC ciphers.