Rebex Graph

.NET client library for MS Graph API (Exchange Online)

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MIME and MailMessage 

Rebex Graph also includes Rebex.Mail assembly that provides Rebex.Mail.MailMessage, a simple high-level API for working with MIME messages.

For more information about this API, see MIME and MailMessage features at Rebex Secure Mail home page.
// create Mail message
var message = new Rebex.Mail.MailMessage();

// fill some fields
message.From = "";
message.To = "";
message.Subject = "Test";

// add text and HTML bodies
message.BodyText = "This is plain-text body.";
message.BodyHtml = "This is <strong>HTML</strong> body.";

// save message

S/MIME - secure mail 

Rebex.Mail.MailMessage class also supports S/MIME, which makes it possible to sign/verify and encrypt/decrypt MIME messages.

For more information, see S/MIME - secure email features at Rebex Secure Mail home page.

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