Rebex File Server for .NET

A server side SSH and SFTP library. Makes it easy to write your own server for SSH, SFTP and SCP protocols.

Purchase Rebex File Server with other components in a pack

Rebex SSH Pack for .NET

Terminal Emulation, SSH client and server, SFTP (SSH File Transfer) client and server for .NET.

Rebex File Transfer Pack for .NET

All you need for transfering files over the Internet: FTP, FTP over TLS/SSL, SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer Protocol), File Server.

Rebex Total Pack for .NET

All .NET components from Rebex in one pack: SFTP client and server, FTP, FTPS, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, NTP, SNTP, Time, Mail, HTTPS, SSH Shell and Telnet Terminal emulation, Security, ZIP compression, File Server, Web Socket.

Single component or pack? Compare features:

Feature File Server SSH Pack File Transfer Pack Total Pack
File Server - SSH server library
File Server - SFTP server library
SFTP - SFTP and SCP client library
Terminal Emulation - Terminal emulation WinForms control
Terminal Emulation - SSH and Telnet Virtual Terminal client library
FTP/SSL - FTP and FTP/SSL client library
Security - Encryption, signing and other security-related stuff
WebSocket - WebSocket .NET library
HTTPS - HTTP and HTTPS client library
Time - NTP/SNTP/TIME/DAYTIME client library
Secure Mail - SMTP/SSL client library
Secure Mail - POP3/SSL client library
Secure Mail - MIME and S/MIME library
Secure Mail - IMAP/SSL client library
Secure Mail - EWS (Exchange Web Service) client library
ZIP - ZIP compression library