Web administration configuration file syntax

How to configure Rebex Buru SFTP Server web administration. Setting port, https certificates. Log levels and locations.

Web administration configuration

Web administration configuration file is located in webconfig.yaml.


Port and IP address bindings the web server will listen to. By default the server will listen on localhost:8880 for HTTP requests.

To make the server accessible from the network, set the hostname property to the server’s external-facing IP address, or use or "::" to listen on all available IPv4 / IPv6 network interfaces.

We strongly recommend to use only HTTPS for requests coming from network (everything else but localhost).

  # listen for HTTP requests on localhost:8880 - this is default configuration
  - hostname: localhost
    port: 8880
  # listen for HTTPS requests on, load SSL certificate from file
  - hostname:
    port: 443
      filePath: C:\cert.pfx
      password: "secretPasswordForCertificate"
  # you can also use hostname instead of IP address - the address will be resolved at runtime
  # this time load SSL certificate from Certificate store
  - hostname: wa.mydomain.com
    port: 443
      storeName: MyStore
      thumbprint: 92e50cdfeab5c164f32148117878fe4e7d7bc2c


Logging configuration.

  # minimal log level for ASP.NET. See minLevel for supported values.
  aspNetMinLevel: warning

  # location of file logs. If not set logging will be disabled. Make sure the server has write rights to the folder specified.
  location: D:\burulogs
  # minimal log level.  Supported values are: verbose, debug, information, warning, error, fatal. Default is 'warning'.
  minLevel: warning


# Disables warning shown for http (unsecured) endpoint on home page. Useful when running e.g. behind a reverse proxy. Default: false
suppressHttpEndpointWarning: false