4. Next steps

4.1 Tweak server configuration

Set up the server to your liking. Change default port number, IP endpoints, IP-based access, enable/disable features, configure logging, etc.

Configuration of the server can be done either using the Web administration or by editing the configuration files manually (see Configuration for more details).

4.2 Tweak Web administration configuration

Set up the Web administration to your liking. Enable HTTPS, change the port number, logging configuration, etc.

Configuration of the Web administration can be done by editing the configuration files (see the documentation for more details.

4.3 Get familiar with command line commands

There are many command line commands available to manage the server. See Command line for more details.

4.4 Get a license

The trial version of Rebex Buru SFTP server is fully functional for 30 days. To continue using the server after the trial period is over, you need to get a permanent license.

More information can be found in our licensing guide.

4.4.1 Buy a commercial license

For business use, please buy a commercial license.

4.4.2 Get a non-commercial license for free

For personal, non-profit or academy use get the non-profit license for free.

4.5 Get in touch

4.5.1 Need help?

If you encounter a bug or get stuck, please follow these steps:

Still not working? File a new issue on our Github issue tracker or send us an email to support@rebex.net.

We could really use the following information:

  • Exact error message you are getting (screenshots are welcome!)
  • Log files related to the problem (please remove any sensitive information such as passwords)
  • Configuration files (please remove any sensitive information such as passwords).
  • What version and edition of Buru SFTP Server are you using?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • Which client are you using?

4.5.2 Request a feature

Missing a feature? Let us know! Submit a feature request on our Github issue tracker or send us an email to support@rebex.net.