1.3 Install using the .exe installer


Download installer

Download and run the installer for your platform (available for 64-bit and 32-bit Windows).

When the application is already installed and you run the installer again, the installation files will be updated and your previous configuration will be preserved.

Installation directory

Choose the installation directory

Installation directory contains command line tools. You might want to add this directory to your %PATH%.

Configuration files files are located in %PROGRAMDATA%\Rebex\BuruSftp directory.

SFTP/SSH Windows service

Configure Windows service

This account will be used to access the files and folders and also for SSH access, unless the impersonalization is configured. Learn more about the account in Service user consideration article.

SSH/SFTP port and addresses

Configure ports and IP addresses

You can override the default port and IP addresses here.

Web Administration

Configure web admin service details

This account will be used to run Web administration and will require full access to the configuration directory.

Configure web admin port and IP address

First user

Add the first user

You can add the first user here. Learn how to add more users or use different authentication methods in the User setup chapter.

Grand finale

Setup completed


The initial setup is now completed. You can start using Rebex Buru SFTP server.

Silent installation

2.12.0+ Buru SFTP Server can also be installed silently without any user prompts. Run the installer with argument /SILENT. It uses the following defaults, some of which are configurable using additional command line arguments:

Description Argument Default value
Installation directory /DIR=<path> %ProgramFiles%\Rebex Buru SFTP Server
Register and start SSH/SFTP server yes
Register and start Web Administration /webAdmin=no yes
SSH port /sshPort=<number> 22
Web Administration endpoint http://localhost:8880
Update Windows firewall yes

When the installation fails, the installer process will return a non-zero exit code. Typical error codes include:

Error code Description
16001 Wrong value of the argument sshPort
16002 Wrong value of the argument webAdmin

Run the installer from cmd.exe command line like this to get error code:

start /WAIT RebexBuruSftpServer-<platform>-<version>.exe /silent
echo %errorlevel%