Upgrade and migration

9.1 Upgrade

  1. Download the current version or an older version from the archive.
  2. Backup your configuration folder for extra safety.
  3. Run the installer, use the existing directory for installation path. The installer will update the files and services. When upgrading from v1.x, the services will be reinstalled and you will need to re-enter service user credentials.

9.1.2 Upgrading from version 2.x using the .zip package

  1. Download the current version or an older version from the archive.
  2. Stop the services - (“Rebex Buru SFTP Server” and “Rebex Buru SFTP Server Web Administration”).
  3. Backup your configuration folder for extra safety.
  4. Unzip over the existing installation
  5. Run burusftp init to check the configuration files
  6. Start the services again.

9.1.3 Upgrading from version 1.x using the .zip package

Full reinstall is recommended: unregister the services (buru uninstall), then install the new version to a different location. You can reuse the old configuration files as they are (with few exceptions) backwards compatible.

9.2 Server migration

Migrating Buru SFTP Server to another machine is a straightforward process.

  1. Perform new installation of the software on the new machine. Do not start the services yet.

  2. Copy all configuration files (except the private keys - more on that below) in the configuration directory from the previous installation to the new one, replacing existing files.

    When using custom SSH private key location, new keys can be generated using burusftp keygen command.

  3. Start the services on the new machine.

9.2.1 Licensing notice

When migrating to a new server, you are allowed to temporarily exceed the number of purchased licenses for a period strictly necessary to perform the migration.

See more on the topic in our licensing FAQ.

9.3 Configuration backup

All configuration files and user database are located in the configuration directory. This directory also contains server’s SSH private keys, unless specified otherwise in the configuration file.