SFTP Server service cannot be started

These are the most common reasons for the service to fail to start:

  • SSH port (default 22) is already in use by another application. The port can be changed in the configuration file.
  • The service user does not have the required read/write permissions to the config folder.

To get more information, try the following:

  • Enable the server log, try restarting the service, then check the log file for error messages.
  • Run the application in command line mode: burusftp.exe run --log-level debug and check the console output for error messages. Make sure the user has sufficient access rights to configuration and (if enabled) log directories. If needed, run the console as an administrator.

If none of the above works, please contact support. The following information will be helpful:

  • The exact version of the product, including architecture (x86 or x64).
  • The operating system version
  • Any error messages found in the log file or console output.
  • Copy of the configuration file (with sensitive details altered)

The installer failed to start the SFTP Server service

See the previous answer ⮵.

I just changed the server configuration and nothing happened

Restart the SFTP service for the changes to take effect.

SFTP/SCP user cannot write to his folder

Make sure the service user (or impersonated Windows account, when enabled) has write access to user folders.

Web configuration tool cannot change any setting

Make sure the Web Administration service user has read/write access to the config folder.

“Unable to access user database file” error

Make sure the current current Windows user has read/write access to the config folder or run the command as an administrator.

“YamlDotNet.Core.SemanticErrorException” error

Make sure your configuration files are formatted properly. See YAML Wikipedia page for more details. Keep in mind that, unlike XML, whitespace is significant in YAML. Always use 2 spaces for indentation (no tabs).