Frequently asked questions

How do I access the web administration tool?

The service runs at http://localhost:8880 by default. Make sure the service is running (Rebex Buru SFTP Server Web Administration).

My trial period ended - what do I do now?

You have to buy a license. If you are eligible for FREE edition you can get the license here.

I received the license - what do I do now?

See the applying license guide.

How do I upgrade to a new version?

See the upgrade guide.

I cannot start the server - getting YamlDotNet.Core.SemanticErrorException

Make sure your configuration files are formatted properly. See YAML Wikipedia page for more details. Keep in mind that, unlike XML, whitespace is significant in YAML. Always use 2 spaces for indentation (no tabs).

I cannot start the service - getting Error 1053

The Error 1053 just means "The service did not start". To find out why, you have to:

  • either look in the server log (if configured) for the inner error message
  • or run the application in command line mode (using burusftp run or burusftpwa run) and examine the message on the console.

I just changed the server configuration and nothing happened!

Restart the SFTP service for the changes to take effect.

User cannot write to his folder - what now?

Make sure the service user (or impersonated Windows account, when enabled) has write access to user folders.

Web configuration tool cannot change any setting - what now?

Make sure the service user has write access to the config folder

How many licenses do I need?

Rebex Buru SFTP Server is licensed on per machine basis. This means that you have to get a valid license for every machine on which you run the SFTP Server. If you run multiple virtual machines with Buru SFTP on one physical hardware, you have to get a license for every virtual machine with the SFTP server. You can use unlimited number of user or sessions on every licensed server.

Who can use the free license?

Free license is only for personal, not-for-profit or academy use.

Can I use the free license for development, testing or staging servers?

No. If such server are connected to any kind of commercial activity you need a commercial license.

Can I use the free personal license for one person business?

No. If it's connected to commercial activity, you have to get a commercial license.