Rebex Buru SFTP Server documentation

Usage burusftpwa: svc-install


burusftpwa svc install - Installs Web Administration as Windows service


  • --startup <automatic | manual>
    • Service startup mode. Default: automatic
  • --su <user>
    • User account under which the service will run. Default: Local system account
  • --sp <password>
    • Password for the user account. Will prompt for password when not set.


  • burusftpwa svc install
    • Installs the web administration using Local System account with automatic startup
  • burusftpwa svc install --su guybrush -startup manual
    • Installs the web administration which will run under 'guybrush' account and will be started manually


run, svc start, svc stop, svc uninstall

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