Rebex Buru SFTP Server documentation

Usage burusftp: keygen


burusftp keygen - Generates SSH private key(s)


There are two modes of operation for keygen command:

  • burusftp keygen --all [<path>]
    • Generates default set of keys to path provided. If path is not provided keys will be exported to keys directory inside configuration directory.
      • Default set consists of these keys:
        • ECDSA with NIST P-256 curve, ED25519 and RSA with 2048 bit length


  • burusftp keygen [-b <bits>] [-t <keytype>] [-c <curve>] <keyfile>
    • Generates SSH private key and saves it to keyfile
    • -b, --bits <bits>
      • Number of bits in the key to create. Default value depends on type.
    • -t, --type (rsa|dsa|ed25519|ecdsa)
      • Host key algorithm. Default: rsa.
    • -c, --curve (nistp256|nistp384|nistp521)
      • Curve used for ECDSA key. Default: nistp521.


  • burusftp keygen --all

    • Generate set of keys to /config/keys
  • burusftp keygen --all D:\keys

    • Generate set of keys to D:\keys
  • burusftp keygen key.ppk

    • Generate 4096-bit RSA key and save it to key.ppk file
  • burusftp keygen -t dsa -b 512 key.ppk

    • Generate 512-bit DSA key and save it to key.ppk file.
  • burusftp keygen -t ecdsa -c nistp521 key.ppk

    • Generate ECDSA key with NIST P-521 curve and save it to key.ppk file.

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