Rebex Buru SFTP Server documentation

Applying license

The trial version of Rebex Buru SFTP server is fully functional for 30 days. To continue using the server after the trial period is over, you need to get a permanent license. For business use please buy a commercial license. For personal, non-profit or academy use get the non-profit license for free.

Both commercial and non-commercial licenses are distributed by e-mail. You can apply the license to the installed server in one of the following ways:

Using the web administration tool

  1. Log in to your web administration (by default running at URL http://localhost:8880).
    Your license information is shown on the homepage.
  2. Click on the "Click here to upgrade to Pro or Free edition" link there.
    Click either on the "UPGRADE TO PRO VERSION" or "SWITCH TO FREE EDITION" button.
  3. Open the license e-mail and copy & paste the license text into the form on the web admin page.
    NOTE: The license text is written in typewriter font in the e-mail.
    Confirm the form with the green button below.
  4. Restart the services.

Applying the license file directly

  1. Open the e-mail with the license.
  2. Take the license.key file attachment and copy it to the config directory
  3. Restart the services to reload the license.

What next?


Download fully functional free 30-day trial.

Free download

Non-commercial use

Get a free non-commercial license. It includes most of the features of Professional edition.

Get free license

Commercial use

If you use the server for anything related to business or commercial use you have to purchase a license.

Sales contact

Buy a license

Get help

The server is completely free for personal, academy and other non-commercial use.

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