Rebex Support Contract

To get the most benefit out of Rebex components sign up for a maintenance contract and receive personalized, friendly service from the team that built these products.

Support contract includes:

  • Every new version of the licensed component both major and minor.
  • Every new component released (if you have a Rebex Total Pack license).
  • Priority email support. Email questions answered within one business day.
  • Phone support upon request.
  • 40% upgrade discount when upgrading to a higher product or edition.

Even without a support contract, you are entitled to:

Continue using the components purchased in the past (of course).

What is covered by active (not expired) support contract:

Anything directly related to how Rebex components work. For example:

  • How do I do something with Rebex component?
  • I got this error, why?
  • I got this error, and I'm sure it's a bug.

What is not covered:

We can advise how to use Rebex components in your app. However, writing and debugging the app is up to you.

Need help? See Rebex Custom Development Services.

Support contract price

Support contract for the first year is included in every license of the Rebex component.

Renewal pricing is as follows:

Your support contract Renewal price
Is active 50% of full license price
Expired less than 1 year ago 50% of full license price
Expired more than 1 year ago Discounted renewal is no longer available

If you wish to renew a maintenance contract just login to My Account or contact us.