INFO: Extended support for legacy platforms

What platforms does Rebex consider "legacy"?

A .NET Framework version which is no longer supported by Microsoft. The support typically ends 10 years after the platform is released. Rebex legacy platform support phase starts no sooner than official support from Microsoft ends. Not all platforms will get the legacy platform support.

Legacy platfoms support timeline

See How long will Rebex support old versions of .NET Framework?

Are binaries for legacy platforms included in base packages?

No. You have to purchase Legacy Platforms Support Extension.

What is included in Legacy Platforms Support Extension?

  • Binaries for all legacy platforms for all your licensed components.
  • Technical support.

Legacy platform releases are different than component releases for regular platforms:

  • Legacy platforms binaries are released less often than binaries for modern platforms.
  • Critical bug fixes are backported.
  • Most new features are not backported.

How to get Legacy Platform Support Extension?

Legacy Platform Support Extension is not available at the moment. Sorry!

Can I get a support even if Platform Legacy Support is retired?

Custom software development and consulting services for legacy platfoms are part of our service offering. Contact to discuss terms and conditions.

I will only use a legacy platform. Can I buy only Legacy Platform Support Extension?

No. Legacy Platform Support Extensions can only be used with an active support contract for Rebex component.

What will happen when my Legacy Platform Support Extension expires?

  • You can continue using any version you already acquired.
  • You will lose access to technical support.
  • You will lose access to new versions for legacy platforms.

What will be costs for renewal for another year?

  • Renewal of a component support contract. Typically 50% of full license price when renewed early.
  • Full price for Legacy Platform Support Extension. The price is subject to change.