Interactive SMTP mail sender

Advanced command line application for sending e-mail. Supports attachmentsand is able to send either using the specified SMTP server, through IIS pickup directoryor directly to the recipients' mail servers determined from DNS MX records.



Sends e-mail from command line.

The program is a sample for Rebex Secure Mail for .NET component.
For more info, see

Syntax: MailSend.exe -method (iis|smtp|direct)
            -server server[:port]
            -from mail@domain
            -to mail@domain[;mail2@domain2[...]
            -subject "subject"
            -body "text"
            [-attach file1.ext [-attach file2.ext [...]]
            [-security (unsecure|secure|implicit)]
Or, for interactive mode: MailSend -interactive

More info

The sample demonstrates:

  • Creating MailMessage
  • Sending mail using the specified SMTP server
  • Sending mail directly to recipient's SMTP server
  • Sending mail via local windows mail pickup directory (part of Microsoft IIS and Microsoft Exchange)
  • Adding attachments to the message

Note: For a similar WinForms application, check out our WinForm Mail Sender sample.