INFO: Discontinued products

Discontinued products support and upgrade policy

Discontinued product which are replaced by another product
  • Users with active support contract are upgraded free of charge to a new, replacement product.
  • Renewal of expired support contract will cause upgrading to a newer, replacing product. Price is the same as if you are renewing support contract for the new (replacement) product. Check details.

    SmallGizmo is discontinued and is fully replaced by a SuperGizmo++.
    Your support contract for SmallGizmo has expired.
    To get a new version you have to order "support contract renewal for SuperGizmo++".
Discontinued product with no replacement
  • Users with active support contract get bug fixes and support until the end of the support contract.
  • Renewal of expired support contracts is no longer possible.

Discontinued products

The following is a list of Rebex software products that were superseded by improved versions, or discontinued, and are no longer being sold.