ZIP console utility

Simple command line ZIP archive manipulation utility.

This sample demonstrates the following features:

  • Opening, creating and closing ZIP archive.
  • Adding files to a ZIP archive (compressing).
  • Extracting files from a ZIP archive (decompressing).
  • Listing items in the archive.
  • Deleting files and directories from a ZIP archive.
  • Creating directories in a ZIP archive.
  • Retrieving information about a ZIP archive item.
  • Moving (renaming) items in a ZIP archive.
  • Setting the compressin level.
  • Using various recursive modes.

Zip commands

    Type  'help' to see a list of available commands.

> help
Supported commands:
  open [zip-file-path]      - open an existing ZIP archive
  create [zip-file-path]    - create a new ZIP archive
  close                     - close the currently opened ZIP archive
  exit                      - exit this utility
  recursive [on|off|xcopy]  - toggle or display recursive mode
  level [0-9]               - set or display compression level
  dir                       - display the list of items in the current directory
  cd archive-dir            - change the current directory
  mkdir archive-dir         - create a new directory in a ZIP archive
  rmdir archive-dir         - delete an empty directory from a ZIP archive
  delete path               - delete a file in a ZIP archive
  info archive-item         - display information about the specified ZIP item
  move from-path to-path    - move/rename an item in a ZIP archive
  extract archive-path-or-mask [target-dir]    - extract the specified ZIP item(s)
  add source-path-or-mask [archive-dir]        - add the specified item(s) into the ZIP archive