SMTP mail sender

Command line e-mail sending utility. Either accepts the sender, recipient, subject, and body from the command line, or loads the e-mail message from the supplied file. Supports SMTP authentication and displays the list of rejected recipients, if any.



Sends e-mail from command line.

The program is a sample for Rebex Mail for .NET component.
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Syntax: SmtpSend.exe server[:port]
-from mail@domain
-to mail@domain[;mail2@domain2 [...]]
[-subject \"subject\"]
[-body \"text\"]
[-file file.eml|file.msg]
[-username login]
[-password pass]

More info

The sample demonstrates:

  • Creating MailMessage.
  • Loading MailMessage from disk. Supported formats: .EML (MIME - Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, ...) and .MSG (Microsoft Outlook).
  • Sending MailMessage.
  • Accessing the list of rejected recipients.
  • Authenticating to an SMTP server.