Mail converter

Console application for converting e-mail files between EML(MIME) and MSG(Outlook) formats.

Mail converter is a sample command line application for converting email messages between MIME (*.eml) and Outlook MSG (*.msg) formats.

Usage is simple:

Syntax: MailConverter.exe -tomime|-tomsg sourcepath targetpath

Example: MailConverter.exe -tomsg C:\mail.eml C:\mail.msg
Example: MailConverter.exe -tomime C:\mail.msg C:\mail.eml

Following code demonstrates how it's done:


// load a mail
MailMessage mail = new MailMessage();

// save as MIME
mail.Save(filename + ".eml", MailFormat.Mime);

// save as Outlook MSG
mail.Save(filename + ".msg", MailFormat.OutlookMsg);


' load a mail
Dim mail As MailMessage = New MailMessage()

' save as MIME
mail.Save(filename + ".eml", MailFormat.Mime)

' save as Outlook MSG
mail.Save(filename + ".msg", MailFormat.OutlookMsg)

See for a more powerful version of this app with extra features, such as conversion of multiple files.