INFO: How to submit personal data needed for technical support

Why does technical support need personal data?

In most cases, we don't need any personal data to provide technical support. Sometimes we ask for a log file, which is typically personal-data free.

In rare ocassions, personal data are needed. Common cases include:

  • Unparsable email messages. Even email address may count as personal data.
  • ZIP file which cannot be unpacked. May contain documents with personal data inside.

How to submit personal data to Rebex?

  • Contact and ask for SFTP server credentials for submitting personal data. You'll get an SFTP server name, username and password.
  • Upload your personal data to the SFTP server using an SFTP client.
  • Notify us at

How does Rebex handle personal data?

  • We only use submitted data for technical support.
  • We will delete data after the support case is resolved.
  • For general information on handling of personal data see Privacy Policy.