INFO: License keys for NuGet packages

This article only applies to Rebex libraries. Rebex Buru SFTP Server is not available on

When are license keys needed?

You need it when you:

  • reference commercial Rebex assemblies from or
  • use trial assemblies from ZIP packages.

Do I need license key for purchased assemblies downloaded from Rebex website?


How do I get my trial license key?

How do I get my license key for purchased library?

How to use the key?

If you are using a single library (such as SFTP client) or a single library pack (such as Total Pack), then you will get one license key:

// Add this line to your application to set your trial key 
// before working with Rebex classes.
Rebex.Licensing.Key = "==put-your-license-key-here==";

How to use multiple keys at once?

If you are using two libraries purchased separately (for example SFTP and Mail), then you will get two license keys:

// Add this line to your application to set your trial keys 
// before working with Rebex classes.

Is the key validated online?

No. There is no call-home license validation functionality. All license checks are performed offline.

Do I have to change the key when I use a new version of Rebex library?

As long as the new version was released no later than one year after your purchase, you won't need to change the key.

Will it work after my support contract expires?

Yes. It will continue working for all versions released before the end of your support contract. The support contract usually ends 1 year after the purchase.

If it works with specific version once, it will work with this version forever.

Will it work for versions released after my support contract expires?

No. It will not work with versions released after the end of support.

Do I need to change the key after my support contract expires?

It depends. If you are OK with using old assemblies, no change is needed. If you want to use a newer version, you have to renew your support contract and get a new license key.