Following SspiException is thrown when using NetXtreme component:
Key is weak (Application uses unlicensed code. Check for info.)


A following exception is thrown when using a NetXtreme component from SafaByte ComponentForge or XtraComponents:

Key is weak (Application uses unlicensed code. Check for info.).


This exception is thrown by a third party components which illegally use Rebex code. The infringing components were (are) offered under the Safabyte, ComponentForge and XtraComponents brands.

Components affected by this error include:

  • NetXtremeFtp
  • NetXtremeSshFtp
  • NetXtremeNetwork Pro
  • NetXtremeFtpSuite
  • NetXtremeTelnet
  • NetXtremeMail suite
  • NetXtremePop3
  • NetXtremeImap
  • NetXtremeSmtp
  • NetXtremeMime
  • NetXtremeProxy
  • XtraFtp
  • XtraProxy
  • XtraScp
  • XtraSftp


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