Rebex Time for .NET

SNTP and NTP protocols enable your program to get the exact time from public time servers over the Internet. Keep all computers in your multi-tier application synchronized with atomic clock to get rid of problems with different local time.

Get the exact time from an atomic clock

Time for .NET is a powerful and easy-to-use component for C#, VB.NET and other .NET languages. It implements the client side of SNTP, NTP, TIME and DAYTIME protocols that enable your .NET applications to get exact time from public time servers over the Internet. This makes it easy to keep all the computers running your application synchronized with an atomic clock to eliminate problems caused by mismatched system time, or to get the exact time value for your time-critical database entries. Determining the right time has never been easier.

Synchronize with a time server in a single line of code

It is easy getting started with Rebex Time for .NET. The most common operation - synchronizing the local system time with a time server - only takes a single line of code:


// synchronize over NTP protocol

// synchronize over TIME protocol

// synchronize over DAYTIME protocol


' synchronize over NTP protocol

' synchronize over TIME protocol

' synchronize over DAYTIME protocol

Advanced SNTP and NTP functionality

Rebex Time for .NET supports SNTP and NTP versions 3 and 4. With few lines of code, you can determine the time difference between the local system and remote time server, set the local system clock to a desired value, determine the time server stratum or access additional NTP packet fields.

All versions of .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework are supported

We provide native builds for all versions of .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework. It is easy to upgrade to a higher .NET version and there is no need to learn a new API when going mobile.

  • .NET Framework
    2.0, 3.0, 3.5. 4.0, 4.5; both 32-bit and 64-bit editions on Windows XP or later; Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013
  • .NET Compact Framework
    2.0, 3.5, 3.9 on Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Pocket PC, PDAs and Smartphones, Windows Embedded Compact 2013; Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2012
  • Mono
    2.10, 3.x on Linux and Apple's OS X
  • Xamarin.iOS
    Xamarin.iOS 8.6 or later ; Xamarin Studio
  • Xamarin.Android
    Xamarin.Android 4 or later ; Xamarin Studio

Rebex Time for Windows Store Apps and Windows Phone 8.1 is available at Rebex Labs. Download beta...

Other features

  • Easy-to-use with maximum flexibility.
  • 100% managed code.
  • Complete C# source code optionally available.
  • Free one-year support.
  • Free one-year upgrades.
  • Royalty-free redistribution.
  • CLS (Common Language Specification) compliant.
  • Stable and thoroughly tested code.
  • Works with both SNTP and NTP servers, versions 3 and 4.
  • Support TIME and DAYTIME protocols.
  • Fully compliant with RFC 2030 (SNTP).
  • Fully compliant with RFC 867 (DAYTIME).
  • Fully compliant with RFC 868 (TIME).
  • Provides access to all NTP packet fields.
  • Conversions between NTP datetime and .NET DateTime.
  • Uniform and comprehensive error handling with .NET exceptions.
  • Extensive tutorials.
  • Samples in both C# and VB.NET with different levels of complexity.


WinForms samples

  • Windows Forms Time
    Windows Forms Time application demonstrates how to work with a time server.

Simple commandline utilities

  • Synchronize
    The sample asks a time server for time difference and uses the answer to update time on the local machine.
  • SimpleSync using NTP/SNTP protocol
    Synchronize time between local machine and the time server in one line of code using NTP/SNTP protocol.
  • TimeGetter
    Demonstrates how to connect to the server, get time and NTP/SNTP server info including stratum.
  • TimeDifference
    Shows the time difference between NTP server and local machine.
  • SimpleSync using Time protocol
    Synchronize time between local machine and the time server in one line of code using Time protocol.
  • SimpleSync using Daytime protocol
    Synchronize time between local machine and the time server in one line of code using Daytime protocol.

Xamarin.Android samples

Xamarin.iOS samples

Pocket PC and Windows CE Applications

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