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Your trial key is:

Setting the trial key in your application

// Add this line to your application to set your trial key 
// before working with Rebex classes.
Rebex.Licensing.Key = "==AFRa3CmoZx0bN7ms4n/9rRLD+4rUEEFxZiPcR//KGKaU==";

Setting the trial key for all samples

// 1. Find the TrialKey.cs file in your samples folder.
//    (such as c:\Users\john\Rebex Components 2013 R2\Samples)
// 2. Find the following line: 
public const string Key = ""; 
// 3. Replace it with your trial key:
public const string Key = "==AFRa3CmoZx0bN7ms4n/9rRLD+4rUEEFxZiPcR//KGKaU=="; 

Why do I need a trial key?

Usually you only need the trial key when you cannot run a Windows installer of Rebex component trial.

When will it expire?

It will expire on 2019-07-20 (30 days from now).

Can I get the trial key via email?

Sure! Just use the following form:


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