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Version 2017 R4: Virtual file systems in Rebex File Server

[ 2017-07-13 ]

Our SFTP/SSH server library now features a rich custom file system provider API with a set of useful built-in providers such as the mount-capable provider.

Version 2017 R3: NuGet packages and .NET Core support

[ 2017-05-16 ]

This release adds NuGet packages and experimental support for .NET Core 1.1 / .NET Standard 1.5.

Version 2017 R2: Elliptic Curve DSA in TLS/SSL

[ 2017-03-27 ]

All Rebex components using TLS/SSL now support TLS ciphers with certificates using Elliptic Curve DSA keys.

New component: HTTPS with TLS 1.2, SHA-2 and SNI on all platforms

[ 2017-02-20 ]

Rebex HTTPS brings TLS 1.2, 1.1, SHA-2, SNI, secure renegotiation and Elliptic Curves to legacy platforms such as .NET CF 2.0/3.x or .NET Framework 2.0/3.x.

Version 2017 R1: New component and security enhancements

[ 2017-02-16 ]

In addition to new HTTP/HTTPS component, we added support for renegotiation indication extension to TLS and for several new algorithms to SSH.

Version 2016 R3: Elliptic curve cryptography and enhanced certificate validation

[ 2016-12-20 ]

This release adds support for elliptic curves to our components based on TLS/SSL and SSH. It also brings SHA-2 certificate validation for legacy platforms.

Version 2016 R2.2: Maintenance release

[ 2016-08-26 ]

2016 R2.2 is a maintenance release that brings several workarounds, bugfixes and enhancements.

Version 2016 R2.1: File Server for Universal Windows Platform, bug fixes and workarounds

[ 2016-07-28 ]

This release brings several enhancements, workarounds and bug fixes, but also adds experimental UWP support for Rebex File Server.

How to authenticate to Gmail with Rebex Secure Mail using OAuth 2.0

[ 2016-07-18 ]

Your Google password is precious and it's not a good idea to share it with third-party applications. Fortunately, OAuth 2.0 provides a secure alternative.

How to register your app for Gmail OAuth 2.0 authentication

[ 2016-07-18 ]

To set up OAuth 2.0 for Gmail, follow these steps: 1) In Google Developers Console, go to project list. 2) Select a project or create a new one. 3) ...

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