Rebex Buru SFTP Server documentation

Web Administration

Rebex Buru SFTP Server includes optional Web Administration (WA) tool, by default accessible at http://localhost:8880.

Web administration screenshot

It includes:

  • managing users
  • managing virtual paths
  • managing SFTP server service
  • viewing log files
  • viewing and modifying server configuration
  • applying the license

The administration can be either run manually (see burusftpwa run) or installed as a service (burusftp install). When started the tool can be accessed using a web browser at http://localhost:8880 by default. The port and IP bindings can be changed in the configuration file.

You need an user with webadmin role to access the web administration. The user can be created when installing using (burusftp install or added later using ('burusftp user add' with --web-admin enable option.

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