Upgrading to a new version of Rebex Buru SFTP Server

  1. If you are a Pro license holder, make sure you are eligible for the update. Pro license allows you to download and use any version released up to 1 year after initial purchase by default. The exact date can be found in the original license file.

  2. Download binaries from the archive

  3. Stop the services - both the Buru SFTP Server and Buru SFTP Web Administration (if installed).

    You can either use buru svc stop and buruwa svc stop commands or use the services section of Windows Control Panel.

  4. Backup your configuration folder (/config) for extra safety.

  5. Overwrite the existing installation by files in the downloaded zip file. Configuration files, user database and license file won't be harmed.

  6. Run buru init to check the configuration files

  7. Start the services again.

Documentation: buru init | buru svc stop | buru svc start | buruwa svc stop | buruwa svc start |

Upgrading from beta versions

Owners of beta licenses are eligible to use Rebex Buru SFTP Server Pro version 1.x for free. Download an update from the archive and use your current license. Note that the configuration and user file format have changed since beta and are no longer compatible.