Rebex Buru SFTP Server documentation

Usage burusftp: path


burusftp path - Add or replace user path mapping


  • -u, --username
    • Username
  • -v, --virt
    • Virtual path (path visible to user)
  • -p, --phys
    • Physical path (path on server filesystem)
  • --fset
    • Set file access flags - (A)ll, (R)ead, (W)rite, (D)elete
  • -f, --force
    • Replace existing path mapping
  • --help
    • Display this help


  • burusftp path -v / -p C:\Users\Guybrush -u guybrush

    • Add path mapping / => C:\Users\Guybrush for user guybrush
  • burusftp path -v /protected -p D:\protected -u guybrush --fset R

    • Add read-only mapping
  • burusftp path -v /protected -p D:\new_protected -u guybrush -f

    • Replace existing path mapping (physical path is set)
  • burusftp path -v /protected -u guybrush --fset A

    • Change properties for existing path mapping


path delete, path list

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